Keynote Speech


Time flies and before we knew it, it has been a 20 years’ journey since the inception of the firm. We cannot say it has been easy but it definitely has been fulfilling. May we continue to grow from strength to strength in the coming golden years.

We have gone through 2 decades of eventful years, seen 6 Prime Ministers, change of governments, businesses practically locked down during the spread of the coronavirus-19 global pandemic & endemic, had the opportunities to meet wonderful people from all walks of life in different continents that have graced our life, crossed our paths & make our life meaningful, and absolutely, the faithful & loyal stakeholders that make up our firm. For that, we are grateful.

Our 20th Anniversary is a bittersweet nod to the journey we have gone through and how we aspire to be better, to serve better. While running a legal practice is definitely not a walk in the park, we aspire to provide quality legal services that genuinely is sincere and value laden; while maintaining humanitarian approach and accessibility to those who need. This has been our hallmark for the past 20 years and will be so for years to come.

Lawyers are generalised as hard nosed but we are proof we can be tough yet able to perform within the ethics and values that we believe in. We are kind yet we are firm in our convictions. We are compassionate yet we roll up our sleeves & get the work done. We are nurturing but we are tough. Our durability, reliability, competency & trustworthiness are the values that we hold dearly in high regards from day one and certainly, for years to come.

While 2020 and 2021 are years under lock down due to the coronavirus-19, many have toiled under hardships and perished. We are grateful & are humbly blessed to have emerged stronger, better & heart fuller.

Our anniversary is not just a celebration of success. It is an acknowledgement and a celebration of the trust based relationships we have built with clients throughout the years, our dedicated staffs & the communities we serve. This piece is an emotional reminder of hard modern day realities, of making a living yet trying to serve our communities, underscoring the need for all of us to utilise knowledge, experience and legal skills responsibly, to be kind and self-aware, to uphold the legal profession in dignity, with self respect, with prestige & pride that our profession holds and to stay united & defend our profession when it so requires.

We thank everyone of you who have been with us at any time during our growing years, in our transformative years, in our journey towards our vision – we could not have had our accomplishments without your contributions. Truly it is a remarkable albeit not an easy undertaking. From humble beginnings to 20 years down the road, we wish to express our enormous gratitude to everyone who has graced our firm. Your every contribution & opportunity given, big or small cannot be understated.

Thank you for inspiring us to do better over the years. Giving you our best is what motivates us to continuously improve our services. We hope our tireless efforts will help resolve and alleviate your legal issues and give you peace of mind.

Happy Anniversary, LEE & CHONG!

I look forward to many more years of milestones & success to come.

I remain sincerely & humbly yours,

Irene E. Tan


Head of Banking, Real Estate & Property Practice Group