“Chambering in Lee & Chong is a great experience. The perks of chambering here is the family-like environment. The Partners, lawyers and colleagues are very kind, caring and supportive. They guide and teach me whenever I ask for help. In Lee & Chong, they implement an open-door policy. When I have any difficulties, problems or enquiries, I can always ask my Partners, lawyers and colleagues to have a discussion. This policy has helped me a lot in resolving my enquiries because truthfully, being a chambering student is different than being a law student. This is mainly because I am dealing with real-life legal situations and not some hypothetical situation like in exam. 

In Lee & Chong, there are days when I become very busy and there are days when I am relaxed. On the days when I am busy, that is when I learned how to manage my workload. I also learned how to identify which task is more urgent and important. Besides, I am able to develop and strengthen my soft skills, including on how to manage the workload and dealing with clients. In Lee & Chong, they stress on giving good quality work and also in providing good services to the clients. Lee & Chong stresses on values like integrity, responsibility, trustworthy and being ethical. What makes us different from the rest is standing firm with these values and that is what Lee & Chong is all about.

Therefore, I would like to thank everyone in Lee & Chong for giving me the opportunity to do my pupillage here. I have gained many valuable experiences and I will cherish it forever. Lastly, I can proudly say that my decision to chamber in Lee & Chong is one of my best decision”.

Nur Aisyah bt Abd Razak
Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM)

“I was recommended to do my placement at Lee & Chong so I applied and managed to be accepted into the Firm’s Placement Scheme for 3 months. It was an eye-opener because upon joining I jumped straight into real time work where I was expected to do a variety of legal work. Although I was initially anxious that I was not able to perform, I was grateful because everyone in the Firm was helpful and professional. I am happy that I did my placement here and am currently undergoing my pre-university course. Having undergone the Placement Scheme in Lee & Chong, I understand how tough the legal practise is and that motivates me to work harder for my degree. I would like to thank everyone in the Firm for being patient and providing me so much throughout the 3 months.”

Tan Huey Lin
Pre-university, Sunway University College


“I was a paralegal in Lee & Chong for 6 months whilst waiting to start law school. Throughout my placement there, I was able to observe legal practice and see first hand how the lawyers in the Firm handle their cases. Different lawyers may have different approach but what impressed me the most was that the lawyers put a 110% into what they do, putting alot of effort and time into putting their thoughts into action. To witness how dedicated and committed they are to their clients’ causes inspires me that although the legal practice is tough, but with proper training, perseverance and discipline, I will eventually make a good lawyer.

I was fortunate to be roped into special projects including some files where I was exposed to local and foreign transactions and the solicitor in charge gave me the opportunity to assist and liaise with her clients. I was also able to learn to prepare banking documentation as Lee & Chong’s clients include banks and financial institutions. I learnt important legal skills and the etiquette of legal profession. The Firm stresses on good working values. I also enjoy my placement at the Firm because of the good working environment. I am grateful that everyone in Lee & Chong has taught me so much while I was there. I have decided to read law and am now a first year law student.

I would like to thank everyone in Lee & Chong for being generous with their time and effort in allowing me the opportunity to be part of the Firm. I have learnt much and am motivated to work towards not just being a lawyer, but a competent one with good etiquette like the lawyers in Lee & Chong. I hope to be able to be accepted into the pupilage programme at the Firm next.”

Megan Tai
Undergraduate, Year 1 Law
University of London


“Working in Lee & Chong has exposed me to the real practising world. I am very lucky because Mr Lee had given me freedom to choose which area of law that I would like to try. I was under Ms Irene’s supervision during my attachment in Lee & Chong.  I was assigned to do different tasks.  The lawyers gave me freedom to voice out my perspective and they will give me guidance for my tasks. Throughout the tasks, I manage to learn from the lawyers how to look into the matter from different perspective and think out of box.

During the 10 weeks of attachment, I realize that working is totally different from law school as what is required from you is no longer your theoretical knowledge. I learnt team work with my colleagues as we will spend most of our time with our colleagues when working. I also learnt how to handle my work load.  I need to identify which task is more important and/or urgent. All these soft skills that will not be taught in law school and you have to learn it through experience. Lee & Chong has provide me a platform to learn these soft skills.

There are times where I need to assist the lawyers to send out documents, I will spend some time reading the material before sending it out. At that moment, I may not understand what it is but after I started my 4th year, I only realize what the documents are. It really help me when I was doing my 4th year.

Working in Lee & Chong makes me feel that I am part of the family. They will not hesitate to share their knowledge with you. Lee & Chong will also treat you as pupil rather than attachment student ie they will provide you with real time work in assisting them and they expect quality work from you. Towards this end, they also stress on how you conduct yourselves, your tasks and work in order to cultivate good working values. This is so you possess high etiquettes value and become responsible and ethical in conducting your tasks and your work responsibly.”

Siew Kai Lee
Undergraduate, Year 4 Law
University Kebangsaan Malaysia

“In a blink of an eye, it has already been 3 months here at Lee & Chong, though I have to admit that it felt like only 3 weeks. In the 3 months that I am here, I have learnt as much as I possibly could, be it from the very menial matters such as posting letters to the very important ones such as handling court documents. I find it difficult to cope at first, being the rookie or the greenhorn of the legal profession, but thanks to my colleagues and all the respective lawyers here, I have managed to get through what difficulties I have faced here. They have offered me what I deemed to be invaluable advice and also taught me how to deal with different situations, especially with clients.

There are only so much we can learn from school and the fact that the working environment is absolutely and beyond reasonable doubt is different from school. This is where I find the most interesting part about working here because one can learn so much about things that are never thought in school. And the greatest satisfaction is when we have accomplished something which we have never done before makes it an even greater experience.

We work in what we regard as a family relationship. We correct each others’ mistakes and also learn from each other. Because at the end of the day, I can always turn to my colleagues for help and they will help me in whatever way they could possibly help in. That, in fact, is what quite surprised me because I have never felt so accepted in a law firm before.

The experience here for me has been invaluable, but then again, life is a learning cycle and we can never stop learning. What we can do is to learn from experience and with the knowledge that is imparted into us, much like the experiences and knowledge that I have garnered here in Lee & Chong. It is definitely one of the best working environment that I have been thus far.”

Andy Wong
Postgraduate, Certificate of Legal Practice
Brickfields Asia College
LL.B (Hons) Northumbria


“As I am setting my direction to read law in university, I have gathered from various resources on how beneficial it is to become attached to a law firm even for a short stint. I was fortunate to get a placement in Lee & Chong and it was definitely a good experience.

I was surprised to receive such a pleasant and warm welcome from everyone in the firm. The people there are caring and friendly, which was a relief since I am totally new to law.

My mentor, Ms Irene was very encouraging, supportive and generous with her time. She shared with me her experiences and views in embarking on a legal career. I helped her with some clerical work and completed research tasks given to me. With the access of resources such as LexisNexis® and books in the firm, I gained a better understanding on law studies and the legal career.

The lawyers also encourage the pupil who was undergoing pupillage at the time of my placement to bring me to court to file legal documents and attend court cases and have an overview of the court proceedings.

I am grateful that I was treated as part of the family in Lee & Chong. All the lawyers there are very cooperative with one another and at the same time were given privacy to do their work. The working environment is one that is ideal to me and after my experience in Lee & Chong, I am very glad to have done my placement here.”

Michael Fork
Pre-univeristy, Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas
President of Taylor’s College Sri Hartamas Model United Nations (TCSHMUN) 2012