Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays !

Dear friends and associates,

Season’s Greetings!

To celebrate this Christmas season, as is our usual annual habit, our website will be “snowing”.

It is the time of the year again. Of reminiscence, reflections and quiet enjoyment of the remainder of the days of 2015.


The season of giving is here again. The perfect time to give and spread joy, happiness, laughter and gladness. A season of warmth to spoil and pamper those we love and care about. It has been a blessed year for us. With gratefulness, we give thanks to those that have come into our lives, those who shared with us their trials and tribulations, those we have helped gotten their life back on track, those who have survived on the ending of marriages and came out stronger, those who have happily purchased their homes and settled down with stars in their eyes, putting down roots and building their nests, those who made a tidy sum of disposing of their assets, those who have gotten justice over injustice in their life, those we have stood by during their lengthy court cases and helped them to obtain justice for being trampled upon, those who have triumphed with their business and commercial transactions, those who have chosen to commence new businesses and were excited to share their important milestones with us and those who have shown us so much. Together, we have journeyed and learn from one another along the way.

And of course, those who have become our firm life-long friends.

It is indeed a time to celebrate relationships and friendships.

 We hope you are enjoying this warm season with your loved ones as much as we do.

Thank you for your wonderful, wonderful friendship, for gracing our lives, for being there and we look forward to many more years of friendship to come!

Merry Blessed Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Warmest wishes from us all,

Lee & Chong Team

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