Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Here we are towards the ending of the year that was 2014.

There are some who said time flies when you are having a good time. Indeed, 2014 had been good and kind to us. It has been a busy year filled with activities and goodwill and enthusiasm with most of our milestones met. We are grateful for a good year even if we do feel it to be a very fast-paced and spirited 2014, much like the horse year that it is. We are also grateful for the many friends that we have made and the wonderful moments we have shared. We hope the new year 2015 will bring us many more good things to come.

In this holidays season, may we wish those who will be celebrating a very Very, Merry Christmas, and to the rest, a fantastic holidays and enjoy the rest of 2014! In this Christmas spirit, let’s spread kindness, joy & love all around.

Warmest wishes from us all at Lee & Chong.


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